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At Dynamic Fighting Concepts we provide effective, reliable, and safe self-defense and combat training. From children to military personnel we have the skills and experience to provide the properly tailored instruction to all individuals and groups. Contact us today and inquire about our programs and seminars, and how we might best serve you!



An International Association of Martial Artists Hall of Fame instructor, Chris Hennessey has over 30 years of experience training and teaching.

He is a 3rd degree black belt in Tang Soo Do, a certified full instructor in Military Combatives, and a certified instructor in Filipino Martial Arts. He is also a Level 3 CQC instructor under W. Hock Hochheim and Hock’s Scientific Fighting Congress. He has spent countless hours training in and researching various combat systems in order to find the most efficient and effective ways of personal protection and no-nonsense combat. 


Dynamic Fighting Concepts encompasses all levels of fighting and protection. The following programs are available:

Dynamic Krav Maga and urban combatives

This program offers efficient, proven techniques for effective defense. Aspects of the program include effective target areas, proper positioning, stun and run techniques, ground fighting, legal issues, and more.

DFC Knife Combatives

All Knife. All the time.


DFC Impact weapon/stick/Baton Combatives

This is a comprehensive program on the use impact weapons for defense. Common striking angles, takedowns, and grappling as well as other skills are taught.



Our kids program!  Contains aspects of traditional martial arts, kicboxing, life skills, and effective self defense. 

Classes are held on Saturdays at 9:30am at 3812 30th St. in Long Island City, NY, and private lessons are available. Special programs and classes can be designed for military and law enforcement personnel.


Workshops are held once a month at our Long Island City location.  They are 2 hour workshops, and for $60 you will learn simple, effective techniques for personal protection. Examples are: Stun and run techniques, effective striking and target areas, safe distancing and footwork, and responses to 'typical' self defense situations.  Pre-registration is required due to the limited space available and can be done through paypal at christopherhennessey0@gmail.com or by contacting us at 347-265-0337.


Seminars are available in all programs offered by Dynamic Fighting Concepts. They can also be customized and specialized based on your groups particular needs. Examples include: Knife and Counter-Knife, Ground Fighting, Stun and Run, Krav Maga, Combatives of WW2. Contact us today for details.



Call us at 347-265-0337 to inquire about our classes, or fill out the form below.

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Dynamic Fighting Concepts is happy to affiliated with the following organizations:

W. Hoch Hochheim’s Scientific Fighting Congress and Force Necessary www.forcenecessary.com/

World Black Belt Bureau www.worldbbb.com/

Jean-Marc Legrand de-Morgues Federation internationale de Close Combat FiCC www.close-combat-urbain.fr